Treatments and procedures that aim to improve health and image at the same time

There are many treatments and procedures that are intended to improve health and in turn improve the aesthetic appearance of people. Below we present a list of some of the treatments and procedures that most people believe are performed only  for aesthetic reasons, however it is not true, in many cases these are made with the intention of improving health, or in If that is not the case, anyway they help and we don’t know it, so here we have them for you.


Breast Reduction Surgery


Breast reduction surgery is a surgery that has two functions, the first is to improve the appearance and the second is to improve health. The first is done by providing a breast size appropriate to the proportions of the body of the woman and making her look more attractive.

Some of the problems that a Breast Reduction Surgery helps to solve are:



  • Problems in the spine, especially in the cervical located at the level of the neck


There are many women who have breasts that are too big for their bodies, this can cause many complications, like deformities in the spine, severe back pain, low back pain, scoliosis and in many cases can also cause ulcers on the shoulders by the weight caused by bra straps. The problems in the spine shouldn’t be taken lightly, because the spine have the vertebrae which protect the spinal cord so the body can remain standing and lean. For this reason a breast reduction is an excellent option for those women with big breasts to help their health.



  • Flaccidity in Breast Tissues


And one of the big problems faced by many women who have big breasts is the flaccidity in the breasts. As the years pass, the breasts start to losing weight and begin to “fall out”, which can be uncomfortable for women. A flat breast can give a very unattractive image and can affect the self-esteem and safety, in this way a breast reduction helps improve the appearance.




A Rhinoplasty is another surgery that solves aesthetic and functional problems. Some of these problems are the bone hump, which is the bone that protrudes from the back of the nose, the deviation of the septum, inflammation of the turbinates that cause obstruction, among others. Rhinoplasty is performed by a plastic surgeon, who is in charge of the aesthetic issue and an otolaryngologist, who corrects the functional part. This surgery is ambulatory or short stay, so it usually lasts about 2 hours, in most cases is performed with general anesthesia. At the end of the surgery there may be moderate inflammation and the final results may be seen after one year.


This surgery is a clear example of the treatments and procedures that can help to improve the appearence and the health, because in addition to the aesthetic aspect that a rhinoplasty can bring, there are also other factors why a person may wish to change the shape of his nose, as the malformations that come to affect respiratory function, such as deviations of the nasal septum, genetic factors, trauma, and some others. These problems can make it difficult for a person to breathe and this can lead to future complications, this is why a rhinoplasty is perfect for improve the appearance and the health.




Dental Brackets are a dental treatment that helps to improve the health and the appearance, because it helps to solve common problems in the teeth. Brackets are small pieces of metal or some other materials, which are attached to the tooth to distribute the tension, their objective is to correct all kinds of bite problems, position and alignment of the teeth and in this way achieve a beautiful smile.


There are many types of brackets, some of them are Traditional Braces with Metal Brackets that are made with metal braces which are able to fix any bite or tooth alignment problem for a very economical price, Self Ligating Braces which are a type of braces that do not need ligatures to attach to the arch of the dental appliance, which allows to have a smoother and faster movement than with conventional braces, and also Lingual Braces that are also called invisible braces or inside braces, this type of braces are placed on the non-visible face of the tooth, so in that way the teeth look better aesthetically.


If you are looking for this treatment, we recommend you look for brackets in Tijuana, so you can save a lot of money with a treatment that will help you to improve your health and your appearance by getting a beautiful smile.


Gastric Sleeve

This is a surgery that helps a lot to improve health and physical appearance, because it is a surgery where a gastric band (adjustable inflatable band) is placed around the upper part of the stomach in order to create a small reservoir to limit the amount of food consumed and also the speed with which they pass through it.


This surgery helps in appearance by making a person look thinner and also helps health by preventing a person from eating too much food and suffering from diseases caused by obesity.


Eyelid Surgery


Eyelid Surgery, also know as blepharoplasty is another procedure that helps appearance and health, because its objective is to rejuvenate the eyelids by the remodelation of the periocular tissues. And although this surgery is mostly performed for aesthetic reasons when a person wants to look younger getting rid of drooping eyelids, it is also done on many occasions for health reasons, specifically visual, because the eyelids may limited the sight of a person and that aso can have certain repercussions on the eyes.