Things you should know before washing your mouth

People should be aware that the health of the mouth is not based solely on just brushing the teeth three times a day; it is necessary to implement more techniques so that oral hygiene is really efficient. In the same way, it is essential to bear in mind that not all products are recommended for everyone or that the remedies available on the Internet are not always optimal.


Cleaning the oral cavity starts with brushing teeth, but we can make mistakes that are very common but can harm our health.

Sharing the toothbrush: Although it may sound unpleasant, many people do, and the first mistake here is that bacteria are transferred between people. These microorganisms can be harmful, so they can severely harm people’s health.

Hard Bristle Brush: Many people believe that bristles must be hard so that they can effectively remove all debris, but that is not the case. It is not necessary to use a hard brush in our routine because the only thing we will do is damage the dental enamel that protects the teeth, and we will cause wounds in the gums that will be reflected in constant bleeding.

Use of bicarbonate or charcoal: Dentists do not recommend that people use these ingredients directly on their teeth because they can cause scratches on the tooth enamel.

Wet the toothpaste: Most people, before starting to wash the mouth area, tend to wet the toothbrush with toothpaste, this is not recommended as toothpaste can lose its properties.

Use of fluoride: If not recommended by a specialist, this ingredient in large quantities can harm your health, so it is best to visit Dr. Mexico in Tijuana so that they mediate the use of this ingredient.

To improve oral hygiene, it is necessary to implement different elements within our cleaning routine to ensure that, in effect, we will be able to remove as many bacteria as possible.

Flossing: The toothbrush removes a large number of bacteria but is not capable of eliminating food deposits that are stored between the teeth, so it is necessary to use this tool to ensure that there are no food accumulations.

Toothpaste: It is common for patients to use any toothpaste, but they must know that the toothpaste must be by the needs of their mouth, that is, if the person has any sensitivity problem, they must use a toothpaste that is indicated for this problem.

Likewise, certain customs can be adopted that will help us to improve our oral health.

  • Don’t get so stressed out: Research has determined that people who get too stressed can have periodontal problems, enamel wear, and bruxism. Try to find activities that will help you release that accumulated stress.
  • Stay away from coffee and alcohol: These drinks, due to their ingredients, can cause teeth to pigment and teeth to gradually wear away.
  • Don’t bite your nails: The hardness of the nails can damage the surface of the tooth, breaking the enamel that protects it. Similarly, in this area of the hands are deposited many bacteria that when biting are collected inside the mouth.

These are some tips that we recommend to you to improve the state of your mouth. Don’t forget that it is essential to visit a dentist.