Problems In Our Bones

Definitely one of the known diseases is osteoporosis. This disease is characterized by damaging the bones and all that structure composed of minerals, such as teeth, which is why when there is more significant damage to the teeth, ie a wear, the person can choose to visit cosmetic dentistry in Tijuana. Currently, three types of osteoporosis are known and the one that most affects and worries the female population is the one that develops in the menopause stage, due to the decline that exists in the functionalities of the woman’s organism.

To understand that osteoporosis, it is necessary to comprehend that our body is composed of bone mass, which is the number of bones presented by the skeleton of an individual, depending on the stage of development in which it is. The amount of bone mass is increasing, that is to say, the bones that are composed of minerals and proteins are growing as one increases in age  until arriving at a moment of stagnation. The growth of bones can be promoted through physical activities or by the implementation of hormones and vitamins that play a crucial role in the development of bones.

In itself, osteoporosis is a condition in the bones that make up the body where these structures become porous and lose the natural thickness, so they are weakened. Due to this last factor, the body loses resistance at the moment of suffering some accident, for such reason, it can cause that the process of recovery is slow. This problem affects all the bones in the body and if not detected in time can cause these structures to be consumed to the degree that any reason for passage to break. Many people may be prone to develop this disease and can start with the deformation of our bones.

During our youth is when our bones are most fortified so their processes are kept in perfect balance, passing the age of thirty, the bone mass is losing its strength, causing slowness in people. It is from the age of forty when these structures gradually degrade, this depends heavily on the minerals that count the body, the lifestyle that leads the person and mainly their genetics.  Some of the factors that can cause the appearance or rapid deterioration of bones are:

  • Foods low in calcium.
  • Little physical activity and muscle development.
  • Excessive alcohol consumption.
  • Excessive intake of coffee and tobacco.
  • Family history.
  • Use of certain medications.

It is also essential to determine that posture is a primary key to improving bone weakening, as specific positions can harm us. It is recommended that at the moment the person sits down, it should be done at a right angle of 90 degrees, where the back is as straight as possible. The displacement when lying down is also significant, so you should use a sliding movement, using the support arms. And in short, one method to remember is that the body should not stoop because it can significantly damage the bones of the spine. If the person already has osteoporosis, it is advisable to see a doctor for proper advice