Perfect Silhouette With Massages

Women are constantly looking for methods that allow them to improve their physical appearance, with the purpose of satisfying their desires and, in many cases, complying with preset beauty standards. Mainly when they are social issues where they want to wear a beautiful bridesmaid dress in San Antonio. So in the cosmetic market, there is a wide variety of procedures that offer to improve and perfect the silhouette of women. One of these treatments is a massage.

The technique of massage is a little valued art which can have many benefits in the whole organism; it is a process which consists of the preparation of the professional to be able to give the patient the best service. Although many don’t believe it, massage can calm or alter the energy of the person because the constant rubbing between the hands of the professional in the body of the patient can generate energy, so they need to prepare mentally so that the energy is balanced.

There are many types of massage, such as relaxing, shiatsu, lymphatic, and one of the main: the reductive or molding.

The reductive massage is one of the treatments that ultimately offers the possibility of shaping and improving the silhouette of the body, and this is achieved thanks to working in areas where a higher concentration of fat is located. The movements that are used for this specific massage are usually faster than in other massages, to cause heat in the area to be able to dissolve the fatty compounds, this in combination with the pressure that is required so that the curculción improves from the area and the blood flow properly.

The advantages of this technique are:

  • The massage can be performed on any part of the body, mainly in the abdomen, thighs, waist, and hips.
  • Adipose clusters are removed from the area.
  • Visibly decreases cellulite
  • Help improve blood and lymph circulation
  • Improves body silhouette and skin appearance

For the realization of this technique can be used many instruments and devices, but one of the most remarkable tools is the use of wood.

This method consists of using wooden utensils that have different sizes and shapes, to adapt them to different parts of the body; allowing to combat cellulite and perfecting the silhouette of the body. For the realization of this treatment, it is necessary that the patient’s skin is first prepared to subsequently perform a reductive manual massage; finally, the process will be carried out in which these instruments are used accompanied by-products with reductive properties.

The most used wood accessories within the treatments are:

Modeling table- It is used for areas where the skin tends to be more delicate, it helps to drain the fat and to eliminate more easily the toxins of the body.

Smooth roller- Mainly used in areas where there is higher fat deposit because it activates the lymphatic and circulatory system, as well as eliminating fat from those areas.

Swedish Cup- Indicated to mold areas such as the gluteus, thighs, waist or abdomen.

If you are looking for a treatment where appliances are not used, the reductive massage with wooden instruments is indicated because the implementation of these tools considerably improves the appearance of the body.