Multi Device Charging Stations for Healthcare Locations

As hospital infrastructure ages, mobile devices continue their reign as a part of everyday life.  While patients and their families find themselves having to spend long, often unexpected, bouts in the hospital, they are often left without a way to charge their phones.  Overhauling hospital infrastructure to create more outlets is often not realistic, but fortunately, there are solutions. Thanks to the affordable innovation of KwikBoost multi device charging stations, hospitals, and clinics throughout the country can keep patients, families, and staff charged up and secure in their ability to communicate at all times.

Multi-Device Charging Stations Serve All

Patients and Family: Patient experience is a priority for hospitals.  Patient comfort affects the quality of their stay, which can often affect patient outcomes.  While mobile devices are a way of keeping in touch with family, playing games, or being able to watch a movie can also serve as a source of much-needed entertainment.   For family members waiting in the room, a charging source can provide security, knowing that they’ll never be out of touch with those they need to communicate with the most.  

Hospitals across the country, from Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles to Beaumont Hospital to Dayton Children’s Hospital are including multi-device charging stations in lobbies and rooms alike, and the results are nothing but positive on all fronts. KwikBoost’s array of options can accommodate any space.  Our floor and wall-mounted charging stations are perfect for smaller waiting areas, while our larger charging storage lockers can service high-traffic hospital lobbies. The KwikBoost Edge Power is our ultra-efficient space-saving charge station that can turn any hospital room into a “smart” room.

Hospital Staff:  As the practice of healthcare becomes more connected, providers are relying increasingly on tablets in the workplace, for keeping charts as well as connecting to outside resources.  The sheer number of tablets needed creates a near nightmare scenario when it comes to finding an outlet. KwikBoost’s 12, 16, and 30 tablet charging cabinets provide the ideal solution for a busy hospital floor in need of a reliable charge source.  Eliminating such a stressor increases efficiency dramatically, and helps healthcare staff do focus on doing their job.

Plugging in an iPhone next to a piece of life-supporting equipment is the last thing anyone wants in the hospital setting.  An equally untenable option is plugging into a hallway wall as the device dangles in suspension, halfway on the floor.  

Multi-device charging stations are an ideal solution for any health care setting seeking to improve the experience of patients and staff alike. Learn more about how Kwikboost’s role in the mobile charging movement.