Mouth cancer

One of the things that most worries smokers, since 1995 when they took the initiative to use health messages that warned of the harm caused by cigarette consumption began to put those grotesque images on the covers of cigar boxes. One of the most remembered graphic images of packs is oral cancer also called oral cancer, the word “oral” may make us understand that it is the inner part of the mouth, it is not necessarily so with this cancer class, that it is even It presents on the lips and pharynx in a very marked wound form or ulcer.


With the issue of cigarettes at least more people are aware of how harmful that vice can be and to avoid that non-smokers are curious to try them, but we do not believe that this problem is only because of smoking, because it is not like that, here are some other causes.


Some causes


Damage to specific genes: When the problem is inside and the genes responsible for starting or stopping cell growth work wrongly. The abnormal cells can start getting together, forming a tumor. When additional damage occurs, the cells can begin to spread to surrounding tissues and distant organs. This is why this section starts to die and even begin to cover, in the worst case, to spread to other parts and gradually damage it.


Human papillomavirus (HPV): They are a group of related viruses. They can cause warts on different parts of the body. And if it is not treated in time, it can become the cause of oral cancer. There are more than 150 types of human, but only 20 types have to be a concern for humans, its contagion is mostly sexual and fits very well in the soft parts of the human body, such as the genitals and lips.


Alcohol: The consumption of alcohol for a very long time can be annihilating all the superficial layers of protection in the mouth, causing a specific type of oral cancer called “superficial oral cancer” that many people do not mind to treat and that damages a lot slower.


Genetic Reasons: Sometimes it may not be a particular reason, and they simply happen due to DNA changes or random mutations within a specific cell that may be damaging the others and causing the cancer to become visible, although it is very strange that the causes are “sleeping” viruses that have been inherited from the parents.

That multiplies the danger.


Chewing tobacco, snuff or tobacco pipe : When the tobacco comes in constant contact with the teeth and the entire oral cavity for a long time occurs something called leukoplakia which are thick white spots on the gums, on the inside of the cheekbones, on the bottom of the mouth and, sometimes, on the tongue. Leukoplakia can be a big problem, if you do not look for a solution it can be a significant cause of cancer. Some people believe that its shape is a good idea to get rid of them and how these mini sores do not cause pain is severe to perceive if you are already in the stage of cancer or not.


Sun exposure: one of the smallest causes but with much neglect can be a problem is the excessive exposure of the sun on the lips, killing cells and promoting the appearance of cancer.


Immune system: As in the case of cold sores or also called cold sores when immunologically speaking you are under can make these “hidden diseases” appear, with cancer happens the same, some ailments can be hidden until your immune defenses go down to a high level.


How to prevent


Periodically consult a dentist: As a routine, go every so often with your dentist in Tijuana for a complete revision of the mouth and be able to detect any abnormality in time.


Moderation in you habits: Consuming alcoholic beverages is normal, but in an exaggerated or excessive way can cause more things besides oral cancer such as cirrhosis, anemia, memory loss, and cardiovascular diseases. As a prevention, think that the more you care, the more quality of life you will have.


No cigarettes or chewing tobacco: Maybe chewing tobacco is less harmful than smoking a cigarette, but something less harmful is far from being safe and much less healthy. If you really want to leave a bad habit, it is best to leave it entirely, not replace it with a less lethal one but just as deadly.


Do not start: If you are free of all addictions, do not begin a life of dangerous attachment to this kind of dependencies, the best thing will always be to be able to keep the health we have and not be worried trying to guess what day we will have oral cancer.