How to Find an IMG Agency to Get the Best Medical Rotation Placement in America

If you are a medical graduate from India or any other country and seek clinical experience in America with ideal medical rotations and a hospital letterhead of recommendation, you are about to enter a very competitive race for your future. This is why investing in an IMG agency for medical rotation placement is your best bet to secure the future of your dreams. But how can you find an IMG agency that can offer you the American clinical experience best suited to help you achieve your career goals? This article will provide you with the tips you need to partner with the best IMG agency in America.

Pay Attention to Reviews that Matter

If you want to have a good meal at a restaurant, or buy a reliable car, you can look at Yelp reviews and consume message boards. But when looking for an IMG agency that can help you get the best placement for the American clinical experience with ideal medical rotations, you need real reviews from international medical graduates just like you, that are confirmed.

When researching reviews, make sure the international medical graduates provide their full names, speak specifically on the points that matter to you, and state where they had their medical rotations. The best IMG agencies will have these testimonials on their website both in written and in video format. Video testimonies add an authentic touch to any IMG agency’s reputation, and are to be considered the highest quality and most trustworthy sources, as they showcase IMGs in a real, authentic way without hiding behind textual content that;s harder to verify.

Communication with International Medical Graduates

When you contact multiple IMG agencies, pay attention to how they communicate. When you send an email are you answered by a generic responder? Does your email fill up with a bunch or messages that are part of some inbound marketing campaign that offers zero personalization? Or do you get a phone call from a real person? And when you do get that phone call do they act like a salesman, or do they focus on you and ask a lot of questions to better understand your situation and goals? A reputable IMG agency will have a genuine care for their medical graduates, and while they are surely trying to grow their business by getting more clients, they will do this in a way in which their growth is on the foundation of making IMGs successful while looking after their best interest. Word spreads fast in this industry, so when the IMG agency is treating their medical graduates like family, they are also putting themselves in a reputable arena to grow and thrive along with their clients.