Frequently asked questions before you make the decision to perform cosmetic surgery

In a plastic surgery Tijuana it is necessary to have a knowledge and professional responsibility if a person meets the requirements needed to undergo cosmetic surgery.
This information is essential for the surgeon because in this way he will have the basic idea if the patient is able to go through an aesthetic operation.

The patient must have a complete idea of ​​what they want, of the result they are looking for an intervention, what they need and what areas they do not modify their body.
These conditions are necessary to have concrete expectations of operation and, not to get to submit to this situation having vague ideas of what is sought.
Before any consultation for cosmetic surgery is recommended a series of conditions as well as another operation.

If a patient has chronic hypertension, diabetes not yet treated or undiagnosed, heart failure, or problems in other organs, lung, kidney, etc … it is not possible to operate.

It is also necessary not to ignore when a patient has problems with coagulation or psychiatric diseases, these reasons, especially the last one, can aggravate an intervention.

The surgery fulfills a real expectation, which is to improve the appearance of a patient. The idea is to develop self-esteem, which should never happen from a real professional is that you give misleading information, present a picture of a situation where everything is possible to be another or another that you are not.
Before and even to see a professional, recommended, it is essential to have precisely what you expect and need from that intervention, just then comment and listen to the return.
There is no precise age to consider how old you are when you begin to undergo cosmetic surgery.
It can be deduced that there are certain moments in life where you can feel some disagreement with the physical aspect. The wait may or may not serve to generate the need to go through an aesthetic operation, to undergo an intervention, the most important thing is to have good health and be in optimal conditions.

Like any intervention, cosmetic surgery generates certain risks like any other operation. Among them some kind of allergy, infections or mild or severe bleeding.
But it is evident that the mentioned complications are not in large quantities, their percentages are very low. One of the causes is that surgeries of these characteristics consist of local anesthesia, much less invasive and occur in patients who have a healthy clinical history.
Regularly thousands of people perform this type of cosmetic surgery without presenting major problems; consequently, these risks do not provide real issues when deciding on this cosmetic surgery.
The postoperative period and its recovery may be extensive or may occur in a short time. With few discomforts, which are mainly due to the type of surgery and the characteristics of the patient at the time of undergoing the intervention.

In the case that it was an intervention where you need the assistance of relatively more or less time, the truth is that the recovery should not take more or less between a week or much less, about two or three days.
Always and before any circumstance, it is advisable to have an excellent clinical record, a thoughtful and thoughtful decision, but above all have a professional with excellent references and qualified in the specialty you are looking for.