Five things you should know about Dental Implants

Dental implants are one of the most common elements in dentistry, mainly because they allow a person who has lost one or more teeth, either due to an accident or an extraction, restore the appearance that your teeth once had.

However, having dental implants is also a very big responsibility, and that is why today we will show you five things you should know about this very particular object.


  1. They must be taken care of to ensure durability

Just like any tooth, you need to take care of your dental implants to prevent them from being easily damaged, care includes having regular dental hygiene, as well as attending regular check-ups. 

People who undergo the placement of dental implants in Tijuana have mentioned that, as a result of the care recommended by the dentists who placed them, it is possible to have an aesthetic smile and without noticing the use of the implant for a long time


2 They can last more than a decade 

It is no secret that the materials from which dental implants are made make them especially durable, this characteristic is required because it would be quite annoying to go to the dentist to get repairs on implants too often. It would be a waste of time and resources!

Many patients who wear dental implants for much of their lives have reported that, with proper care and precautions, conventional implants can last up to fifteen years without needing replacement. A decade and a half!


  1. The cost can be high

Clearly, enjoying a replacement identical to a lost tooth has a cost, which is not usually the cheapest in the world (in some cases, it can reach up to a thousand US dollars). However, it is all a matter of finding out the alternatives on the market until you find the best value for money. 


  1. Previous consultations: a fundamental aspect

When placing or seeking treatment for a dental implant, it is necessary to carry out all the consultations prior to the procedure itself, a prosthodontist will be in charge of giving basic guidelines regarding the alternatives that are they have for the treatment itself, as well as the guidelines that the patient must follow before and after the insertion of an implant. Similarly, this professional may also make a referral to a specialist in dental anatomy.


  1. A simple and safe procedure

The placement of the dental implant itself is a task that has been carried out for many years, and has been perfected for a long time, especially during the second half of the 20th century with the new discoveries in chiropractic . The insertion of the implant is carried out in the specialist’s office under local anesthesia and can last between 45 minutes and one hour.

As you can see, dental implants are a procedure that should not be taken lightly, and something that, although it can be expensive, also generates a benefit for those who obtain them.